Hastings, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Walter, Louisa  Jan 1841Hastings, Sussex, England I13847
2 Timms, Rose  23 Nov 1917Hastings, Sussex, England I28854
3 Smith, Robert John   I10511
4 Smith, Emma Louise   I10512
5 Sidell, Maria   I30702
6 Sellens, Ellen Catherine  17 Nov 1895Hastings, Sussex, England I22989
7 Rawlings, John S R   I12646
8 Rawlings, George E K   I12451
9 Rawlings, Albert Edward  1883Hastings, Sussex, England I12446
10 Ogden, Donna Michelle   I11143
11 Oakley, Herbert W  1875Hastings, Sussex, England I3575
12 Oakley, Edward  1871Hastings, Sussex, England I3574
13 Morley, William James  19 Mar 1914Hastings, Sussex, England I29095
14 Morley, Mary Lilian  8 Jan 1911Hastings, Sussex, England I28853
15 Morley, George Stanton  9 Oct 1906Hastings, Sussex, England I28847
16 Morgan, Patricia M   I29096
17 Moore, Owen Thomas  22 Aug 1886Hastings, Sussex, England I20749
18 Moore, George Gibbons  Jan 1848Hastings, Sussex, England I19701
19 Moore, Frederick John  Jul 1890Hastings, Sussex, England I20367
20 Moore, Charles E   I955
21 Moore, Alfred Edwin  Apr 1884Hastings, Sussex, England I20748
22 Lavender, Susan A   I10507
23 Lavender, Lucy Faith   I10510
24 Lavender, Leslie Charles Lewis  Oct 1931Hastings, Sussex, England I26742
25 Lavender, Kevin A   I26745
26 Lavender, John F  25 Sep 1933Hastings, Sussex, England I26743
27 Lavender, Herbert O J   I10497
28 Lavender, Grahame J   I10505
29 Lavender, Frank Charles  1 Jan 1905Hastings, Sussex, England I4873
30 Lavender, Eileen O R   I10490
31 Lavender, Claire Y   I10506
32 Jackson, Kate Frances  Oct 1877Hastings, Sussex, England I29010
33 Jackson, David George  Apr 1880Hastings, Sussex, England I29011
34 Jackson, Albert Henry  Apr 1883Hastings, Sussex, England I29553
35 Iddenden, Robert James F  13 Sep 1919Hastings, Sussex, England I11309
36 Iddenden, John F   I11311
37 Iddenden, James B   I11312
38 Iddenden, Harry Daniel  30 Dec 1888Hastings, Sussex, England I11307
39 Iddenden, Caroline J   I11313
40 Hammond, Gladys Annie  Apr 1903Hastings, Sussex, England I22908
41 Granger, Carol Amelia   I840
42 Foster, Barbara M   I13719
43 Fleet, Arthur George  12 May 1916Hastings, Sussex, England I28950
44 Eustace, Major Thomas Robert Hales   I21266
45 Easton, Kimberley Hilda   I28427
46 Blackman, Peter J   I22990
47 Blackman, Lynn M   I23026
48 Blackman, James Percival  Jan 1892Hastings, Sussex, England I22986
49 Blackman, Ivy Dorothy  Jan 1904Hastings, Sussex, England I1307
50 Blackman, Irene G   I22910

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Whale, Sarah Ann  Nov 1923Hastings, Sussex, England I22934
2 Wenham, Adam  30 Jan 1906Hastings, Sussex, England I3978
3 Tompsett, Benjamin D  Oct 1926Hastings, Sussex, England I28723
4 Timms, Rose  12 Oct 2004Hastings, Sussex, England I28854
5 Stubberfield, Constance Elizabeth  Jun 1942Hastings, Sussex, England I22689
6 Stuart, Lady Jane  14 Mar 1880Hastings, Sussex, England I18414
7 Sellens, Ellen Catherine  Mar 1976Hastings, Sussex, England I22989
8 Rummery, Mary Anne  Mar 1947Hastings, Sussex, England I4871
9 Reeve, Leonard Owen  Jun 1940Hastings, Sussex, England I26464
10 Pepys, William John 3rd Earl of Cottenham  Mar 1881Hastings, Sussex, England I25245
11 Pelling, Edith Rose  Sep 1979Hastings, Sussex, England I9715
12 Paget, Major Henry William  17 Jan 1853Hastings, Sussex, England I22673
13 Noel, Edward Andrew  Jan 1899Hastings, Sussex, England I19483
14 Musgrave, Hilda Kathleen Patricia  Jul 2000Hastings, Sussex, England I96
15 Murray-Aynsley, Atholl Keturah  26 Jan 1844Hastings, Sussex, England I3561
16 Morley, William James  Apr 1979Hastings, Sussex, England I29095
17 Morley, Mary Lilian  Jun 1985Hastings, Sussex, England I28853
18 Morley, George Stanton  15 Apr 1993Hastings, Sussex, England I28847
19 Morley, George James  Oct 1950Hastings, Sussex, England I711
20 Moore, George Gibbons  Jun 1925Hastings, Sussex, England I19701
21 Miles, Amy Elizabeth  Dec 1931Hastings, Sussex, England I22912
22 Malleson, Hugh St Aubyn  Feb 1997Hastings, Sussex, England I4303
23 Lipscomb, Ethel Adelaide  Oct 1970Hastings, Sussex, England I26653
24 Leeves, Ernest William  Jan 1984Hastings, Sussex, England I4317
25 Lavender, Sarah Ann  Dec 1943Hastings, Sussex, England I399
26 Lavender, Owen Nye Thomas  Mar 1943Hastings, Sussex, England I405
27 Lavender, Owen  Apr 1906Hastings, Sussex, England I392
28 Lavender, Herbert Frederick  Feb 1985Hastings, Sussex, England I4872
29 Lavender, Frederick John  Dec 1952Hastings, Sussex, England I406
30 Lavender, Frank Charles  Mar 1984Hastings, Sussex, England I4873
31 Knott, Harry Horace  Dec 1943Hastings, Sussex, England I2117
32 Kerr, Charles Wyndham Rodolph  7 Feb 1894Hastings, Sussex, England I21713
33 Jenner, Kate Amelia D  Dec 1979Hastings, Sussex, England I4877
34 Jackson, David George  Oct 1881Hastings, Sussex, England I29011
35 Jackson, Albert Henry  Dec 1963Hastings, Sussex, England I29553
36 Iddenden, Robert James F  Jan 1992Hastings, Sussex, England I11309
37 Hope, Esther Florrie May  Jun 1963Hastings, Sussex, England I21578
38 Goodchild, Ellen  18 Apr 1970Hastings, Sussex, England I53
39 Goddard, Alice Ellen  Jan 1916Hastings, Sussex, England I28852
40 Easton, Douglas  Apr 2002Hastings, Sussex, England I131
41 Cockett, Mabel Rose  Oct 1982Hastings, Sussex, England I10489
42 Blackman, Victor Clarence  Jun 1973Hastings, Sussex, England I23041
43 Blackman, Lancelot Arthur  Mar 1950Hastings, Sussex, England I22914
44 Blackman, James Percival  Mar 1966Hastings, Sussex, England I22986
45 Blackman, Isabel Amy  Jun 1973Hastings, Sussex, England I22913
46 Blackman, Frederick David J  Mar 1968Hastings, Sussex, England I22778
47 Blackman, Florence Laura  Dec 1972Hastings, Sussex, England I22752
48 Blackman, David  Dec 1916Hastings, Sussex, England I22334
49 Blackman, David  Apr 1898Hastings, Sussex, England I22291
50 Blackman, Alice Amelia  Sep 1974Hastings, Sussex, England I22777

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Blackman, Ellen Vincent  3 Nov 1889Hastings, Sussex, England I22981
2 Blackman, Charles  21 Oct 1894Hastings, Sussex, England I22988


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Twort / Mann  Jul 1841Hastings, Sussex, England F18243
2 Tribe / Moore  Oct 1897Hastings, Sussex, England F12950
3 Smith / Lavender   F7296
4 Smith / Jarvis  Sep 1873Hastings, Sussex, England F3181
5 Saunders / Barden  22 Feb 1866Hastings, Sussex, England F3963
6 Rushton / Blackman  Jun 1922Hastings, Sussex, England F14555
7 Rourke / Easton   F101
8 Rawlings / Wenham  Jun 1907Hastings, Sussex, England F2913
9 Pownall / Wainwright  7 Jan 1886Hastings, Sussex, England F2685
10 Ogden / Alecock   F7023
11 Morley / Timms  2 Feb 1938Hastings, Sussex, England F19155
12 Morgan / Morley  Oct 1939Hastings, Sussex, England F19159
13 Moore / Bowles  Oct 1908Hastings, Sussex, England F13090
14 Mitchell / Morgan   F19323
15 Leeves / Hazelden  Mar 1927Hastings, Sussex, England F3167
16 Lavender / Stevens  Jul 1901Hastings, Sussex, England F305
17 Lavender / Skinner   F7286
18 Lavender / Rummery  Jan 1898Hastings, Sussex, England F313
19 Lavender / Morphey  Jun 1896Hastings, Sussex, England F314
20 Lavender / Cockett  Mar 1925Hastings, Sussex, England F3582
21 Lavender / Chisholm   F7287
22 Kampes / Manser  Sep 1897Hastings, Sussex, England F10447
23 Isden / Cager   F11168
24 Iddenden / Warren   F7848
25 Iddenden / Lavender  Apr 1888Hastings, Sussex, England F312
26 Iddenden / Fisher  Dec 1957Hastings, Sussex, England F7847
27 Iddenden / Ades  Mar 1916Hastings, Sussex, England F7615
28 Holloway / Blackman   F15050
29 Granger / Harris  Apr 1942Hastings, Sussex, England F152
30 Friend / Iddenden   F7850
31 Fitsell / Moore  Oct 1907Hastings, Sussex, England F12951
32 Easton / Elliott   F596
33 Easton / Buckley   F595
34 Cook / Cager   F11533
35 Blackman / Whale  Oct 1901Hastings, Sussex, England F14204
36 Blackman / Stubberfield  Oct 1890Hastings, Sussex, England F14195
37 Blackman / Sellens  Jun 1922Hastings, Sussex, England F14905
38 Blackman / Miles  Apr 1892Hastings, Sussex, England F14193
39 Blackman / Marsh   F15114
40 Blackman / Hammond  Sep 1923Hastings, Sussex, England F14612
41 Blackman / Haines  Sep 1936Hastings, Sussex, England F15047
42 Blackman / Crossinggum  Dec 1930Hastings, Sussex, England F14614
43 Blackman / Beaven   F14926
44 Bertram / Blackman   F14933
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