Battersea, London, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Alfred Herbert  Jul 1882Battersea, London, England I3920
2 Alexander, Ellen Elizabeth  Jan 1887Battersea, London, England I3924
3 Allen, Ena A   I30997
4 Barron, Betty M   I30994
5 Barron, Kenneth Edward  14 Mar 1937Battersea, London, England I30996
6 Barron, Leonard E  Jul 1935Battersea, London, England I30995
7 Bohling, Mark  Jun 1886Battersea, London, England I1264
8 Cutbill, June R   I26843
9 Dunham, Terence Robert  10 Sep 1937Battersea, London, England I31442
10 Dunham, William Frederick   I26842
11 Foster, Edward  1879Battersea, London, England I434
12 Foster, Samuel Alfred William  Jul 1877Battersea, London, England I432
13 Foster, Thomas  Mar 1881Battersea, London, England I433
14 Foster, William J  1886Battersea, London, England I10995
15 Harris, Louisa  29 Aug 1864Battersea, London, England I26137
16 Hockham, James Henry  31 Mar 1897Battersea, London, England I26135
17 Jones, Annie  1887Battersea, London, England I26154
18 Kent, Leslie G   I28900
19 Leppard, Donald E   I31003
20 Leppard, Edna R   I31004
21 Leppard, Edward  7 May 1913Battersea, London, England I30984
22 Leppard, Evelyn F   I31001
23 Leppard, Frederick Albert  15 Nov 1908Battersea, London, England I30981
24 Leppard, Jean D   I31002
25 Leppard, May  20 Aug 1910Battersea, London, England I30982
26 Leppard, Pauline A   I31005
27 Leppard, Violet Elizabeth  23 Oct 1915Battersea, London, England I30985
28 Ludlow, Raymond L   I2104
29 Marden, Alexander William  Apr 1858Battersea, London, England I29136
30 Marden, Charles John  Mar 1868Battersea, London, England I5016
31 Marden, Emily Sarah  21 Sep 1855Battersea, London, England I5013
32 Marden, Martha Alice  Jul 1883Battersea, London, England I5024
33 Marden, Victoria Louisa  Jun 1887Battersea, London, England I29447
34 Marden, William John  7 Sep 1866Battersea, London, England I5015
35 Moore, Veronica M   I1271
36 Musgrave, Elsie May Patricia  31 Aug 1931Battersea, London, England I95
37 Page, Bryan F   I26526
38 Rashbrook, Norman L   I24806
39 Robson, Florence  12 Dec 1905Battersea, London, England I30990
40 Rogers, James  Jun 1902Battersea, London, England I24074
41 Rogers, Maud  1900Battersea, London, England I24073
42 Sewell, Ethel Maud  24 Nov 1889Battersea, London, England I1275
43 Smith, Mary Ann  1856Battersea, London, England I3900
44 Stevens, Elizabeth Sara  1875Battersea, London, England I278
45 Summersby, William   I79
46 Thorning, Brenda   I26525
47 Turner, Frederick George   I3239
48 Ulyate, Amy Rosetta  Mar 1883Battersea, London, England I8859
49 Ulyate, John William  Mar 1881Battersea, London, England I8858
50 Ulyate, Walter David  3 Dec 1855Battersea, London, England I28455

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Alfred Herbert  Dec 1944Battersea, London, England I3920
2 Barron, Leonard E  Mar 1936Battersea, London, England I30995
3 Barton, Joseph  Jul 1956Battersea, London, England I4541
4 Bence, Winifred E A  Dec 1940Battersea, London, England I4635
5 Bryant, Benjamin Albert  Sep 1936Battersea, London, England I964
6 Clarke, Ellen Jane  Dec 1956Battersea, London, England I463
7 Dunham, George Percival Henry  Oct 1952Battersea, London, England I477
8 Dunham, Jane Emma  Oct 1957Battersea, London, England I481
9 Dunham, Louisa  Oct 1935Battersea, London, England I483
10 Dunham, William  Jan 1946Battersea, London, England I480
11 Fisher, Frederick E  Jun 1938Battersea, London, England I18547
12 Goodchild, George  Mar 1942Battersea, London, England I446
13 Musgrave, Louis Victor  Jun 1932Battersea, London, England I54
14 Noad, Ellen Adelaide  Jun 1951Battersea, London, England I27515
15 Rashbrook, Charles Surrey  Dec 1932Battersea, London, England I1215
16 St. John, Henry 1st Viscount St. John  8 Apr 1742Battersea, London, England I22571


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 St. John, Sir John 1st Bt.  1648Battersea, London, England I19732


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barron / Allen   F18405
2 Chambers / Barron   F18402
3 Dunham / Cutbill   F17910
4 Dunham / Hards  Mar 1961Battersea, London, England F17909
5 Dunham / Watts  Jun 1941Battersea, London, England F3466
6 Fisher / Manser  Mar 1934Battersea, London, England F11190
7 Holcombe / Stannard  Mar 1940Battersea, London, England F20793
8 Leppard / Chapman  Jun 1934Battersea, London, England F17850
9 Leppard / Emberson  Dec 1935Battersea, London, England F18017
10 Leppard / Romaine  Jun 1934Battersea, London, England F17782
11 Maloney / Burridge   F19196
12 Milton / Leppard  Jun 1940Battersea, London, England F18396
13 Sharp / Leppard  Mar 1932Battersea, London, England F17783
14 Stephenson / Thorning   F17455
15 Stevenson / Clark   F20789
16 Thorning / Cole   F17456
17 Thorning / Penfold   F17457
18 Webb / Bishop  Sep 1937Battersea, London, England F2500
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