Hailsham, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Aubrey Albert  29 Mar 1908Hailsham, Sussex, England I20224
2 Baker, Eve Handy   I20225
3 Boniface, Mary  1831Hailsham, Sussex, England I26787
4 Burgess, Daphne Joan  19 Jul 1914Hailsham, Sussex, England I31483
5 Crouch, Alice Mary  Jan 1873Hailsham, Sussex, England I19266
6 Crouch, Flora Frances  Jul 1874Hailsham, Sussex, England I19267
7 Crouch, Louise E  1872Hailsham, Sussex, England I19265
8 Crouch, Lydia Jane  4 Apr 1880Hailsham, Sussex, England I20123
9 Crouch, Nathan James  Oct 1878Hailsham, Sussex, England I19269
10 Dann, Mary Alice Winifred  Dec 1904Hailsham, Sussex, England I30254
11 Foster, Ann  1840Hailsham, Sussex, England I823
12 Foster, Charles  1866Hailsham, Sussex, England I26788
13 Foster, Elizabeth  18 Aug 1832Hailsham, Sussex, England I26786
14 Foster, Elizabeth Hannah  14 May 1849Hailsham, Sussex, England I35
15 Foster, James  Abt 1791Hailsham, Sussex, England I386
16 Foster, Mary Anne  13 Aug 1845Hailsham, Sussex, England I388
17 Foster, Mary Jane  24 May 1856Hailsham, Sussex, England I233
18 Foster, Ruth Naomi  Jan 1861Hailsham, Sussex, England I234
19 Foster, Samuel  6 Oct 1821Hailsham, Sussex, England I37
20 Foster, Samuel Caleb  11 Jan 1846Hailsham, Sussex, England I231
21 Foster, Silas  1828Hailsham, Sussex, England I26785
22 Foster, Silas James  Jan 1843Hailsham, Sussex, England I230
23 Foster, Stephen Frank  14 Mar 1852Hailsham, Sussex, England I232
24 Fox, Albert Edward  6 Jan 1873Hailsham, Sussex, England I14666
25 Fox, Alec Ernest  20 Sep 1901Hailsham, Sussex, England I14768
26 Fox, Charles W   I14794
27 Fox, Elizabeth Jane  Oct 1868Hailsham, Sussex, England I13092
28 Fox, Ellen Louisa  Jan 1878Hailsham, Sussex, England I14760
29 Fox, Ernest James  Apr 1875Hailsham, Sussex, England I14757
30 Fox, Herbert George  Apr 1883Hailsham, Sussex, England I14761
31 Fox, Joseph Frank  2 Jan 1910Hailsham, Sussex, England I14793
32 Fox, Norah Stella  9 Feb 1908Hailsham, Sussex, England I14792
33 Fuller, Mary Elizabeth  Jan 1897Hailsham, Sussex, England I28937
34 Goldsmith, Edward  1835Hailsham, Sussex, England I21255
35 Lambert, Florence Ruth E  14 Oct 1909Hailsham, Sussex, England I14782
36 Lavender, Annie Maria  7 Feb 1866Hailsham, Sussex, England I239
37 Lavender, Clara Ellen  31 Aug 1869Hailsham, Sussex, England I241
38 Lavender, Edward   I989
39 Lavender, Eric   I990
40 Lavender, Owen  10 May 1898Hailsham, Sussex, England I987
41 Lavender, Sarah Jane  14 Feb 1868Hailsham, Sussex, England I10
42 Leeves, Joyce E   I24046
43 Manser, Edward A   I17934
44 Manser, Frederick Henry  Oct 1911Hailsham, Sussex, England I17483
45 Manser, Leonard D   I17929
46 Manser, Pamela I   I19260
47 Manser, Reggie C   I18094
48 Manser, Richard J   I17931
49 Manser, Stella Jean  25 Apr 1916Hailsham, Sussex, England I17930
50 Message, Peter W   I19257

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Axell, Ernest William  Dec 1973Hailsham, Sussex, England I30227
2 Axell, Frank Edwards  Sep 1955Hailsham, Sussex, England I30225
3 Axell, Owen Henry  1954Hailsham, Sussex, England I12332
4 Axell, Walter Charles  1943Hailsham, Sussex, England I12314
5 Bailey, Nicholas  Dec 1881Hailsham, Sussex, England I946
6 Bannister, Edward Ernest  Mar 1913Hailsham, Sussex, England I387
7 Bishop, John  Abt 1850Hailsham, Sussex, England I27375
8 Bones, Sarah  Jan 1902Hailsham, Sussex, England I389
9 Crouch, Lydia Jane  Dec 1953Hailsham, Sussex, England I20123
10 Crouch, Nathan James  Jun 1885Hailsham, Sussex, England I19269
11 Dann, Mary Alice Winifred  Jun 1945Hailsham, Sussex, England I30254
12 Foster, Samuel  Apr 1873Hailsham, Sussex, England I37
13 Fox, Albert  Mar 1898Hailsham, Sussex, England I13091
14 Fox, Albert Edward  Jun 1950Hailsham, Sussex, England I14666
15 Fox, Ellen Louisa  Mar 1920Hailsham, Sussex, England I14760
16 Fox, Herbert George  Oct 1914Hailsham, Sussex, England I14761
17 Funnell, David  Apr 1911Hailsham, Sussex, England I13729
18 Funnell, Mary Martha Maachah  Dec 1944Hailsham, Sussex, England I13731
19 Knight, Jane  Oct 1890Hailsham, Sussex, England I228
20 Lambert, Harry Ernest  Mar 1955Hailsham, Sussex, England I14770
21 Lavender, Alfred Henry  Jan 1903Hailsham, Sussex, England I976
22 Lavender, Charity  Mar 1863Hailsham, Sussex, England I3971
23 Lavender, Charles  Mar 1938Hailsham, Sussex, England I402
24 Lavender, Clara Ellen  Mar 1916Hailsham, Sussex, England I241
25 Lavender, Ellen  Jun 1942Hailsham, Sussex, England I401
26 Lavender, Louisa  Dec 1907Hailsham, Sussex, England I3973
27 Lavender, Thomas  Apr 1877Hailsham, Sussex, England I27322
28 Lavender, William  Jul 1869Hailsham, Sussex, England I36
29 Lea, Rose Janette  Jun 1932Hailsham, Sussex, England I13725
30 Lowe, Octavius Bernard  Mar 1931Hailsham, Sussex, England I3687
31 Morphey, Florence Alice  Dec 1917Hailsham, Sussex, England I4864
32 Morris, Elizabeth  Apr 1848Hailsham, Sussex, England I868
33 Pelling, Arthur  Apr 1904Hailsham, Sussex, England I21540
34 Pelling, Boaz  Jun 1936Hailsham, Sussex, England I9459
35 Pelling, Edith Rose  Sep 1917Hailsham, Sussex, England I13727
36 Pelling, Moses  Dec 1936Hailsham, Sussex, England I9457
37 Pelling, William  Dec 1907Hailsham, Sussex, England I3247
38 Pelling, William  Dec 1920Hailsham, Sussex, England I9455
39 Piper, Sarah  1847Hailsham, Sussex, England I1808
40 Pollard, Elizabeth  Oct 1869Hailsham, Sussex, England I27381
41 Putland, Herbert  Dec 1908Hailsham, Sussex, England I1905
42 Rutland, Lily Edith  Oct 1908Hailsham, Sussex, England I17421
43 Sinden, Ruth Elizabeth  Jun 1902Hailsham, Sussex, England I14769
44 Standing, Annie  Mar 1976Hailsham, Sussex, England I1510
45 Walker, Bessie Maud  Jan 1882Hailsham, Sussex, England I18182
46 Wenham, Eve  Apr 1885Hailsham, Sussex, England I3981
47 Wenham, James  Mar 1878Hailsham, Sussex, England I3974
48 Wenham, Melezener  Apr 1914Hailsham, Sussex, England I3977
49 Wenham, Mercy  Mar 1918Hailsham, Sussex, England I3246


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Crouch, Flora Frances  24 Dec 1948Hailsham, Sussex, England I19267


Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alecock / Pelling  Sep 1931Hailsham, Sussex, England F6790
2 Axell / Baldwin  Mar 1929Hailsham, Sussex, England F20067
3 Axell / Dann  Jun 1922Hailsham, Sussex, England F20041
4 Axell / Hook  Sep 1920Hailsham, Sussex, England F20065
5 Bailey / Wood  Dec 1865Hailsham, Sussex, England F1330
6 Baker / Crouch  Apr 1905Hailsham, Sussex, England F12898
7 Bennett / Pelling   F1098
8 Brett / Fox  Jul 1892Hailsham, Sussex, England F8961
9 Byford / Pelling  Jun 1927Hailsham, Sussex, England F11963
10 Crouch / Wenham  Dec 1871Hailsham, Sussex, England F2915
11 Foster / Boniface  Oct 1853Hailsham, Sussex, England F17876
12 Foster / Knight  20 Apr 1839Hailsham, Sussex, England F28
13 Fox / Saggers  Oct 1907Hailsham, Sussex, England F10014
14 Fox / Sands  Apr 1895Hailsham, Sussex, England F8962
15 Fox / Wenham  19 Oct 1868Hailsham, Sussex, England F2911
16 Golbey / Pelling  Sep 1909Hailsham, Sussex, England F14946
17 Goldsmith / Foster  Oct 1858Hailsham, Sussex, England F624
18 Gurr / Lavender  Oct 1904Hailsham, Sussex, England F310
19 Keeley / Pelling  Mar 1910Hailsham, Sussex, England F6629
20 Kelsey / Funnell  Oct 1894Hailsham, Sussex, England F12697
21 Lambert / Fox  Jul 1909Hailsham, Sussex, England F10013
22 Lavender / Foster  25 Dec 1865Hailsham, Sussex, England F26
23 Lavender / Gurr  Jul 1885Hailsham, Sussex, England F311
24 Lavender / Helson   F741
25 Lavender / Nye  30 Sep 1865Hailsham, Sussex, England F303
26 Lavender / Weller  Dec 1892Hailsham, Sussex, England F301
27 Leeves / Fox  Sep 1924Hailsham, Sussex, England F10016
28 Manser / Parsons   F12052
29 Manser / Spiers   F12257
30 Message / Manser  Jun 1935Hailsham, Sussex, England F12161
31 Milham / Moseley  Jun 1928Hailsham, Sussex, England F3601
32 Mockford / Pelling  Dec 1918Hailsham, Sussex, England F14983
33 Pelling / Bainbridge  Jun 1926Hailsham, Sussex, England F6628
34 Pelling / Henty  Jul 1928Hailsham, Sussex, England F14984
35 Pelling / Hope  Oct 1910Hailsham, Sussex, England F6626
36 Pelling / Lea  Jul 1898Hailsham, Sussex, England F6631
37 Pelling / Smith  Apr 1885Hailsham, Sussex, England F2436
38 Pelling / Trickle  Dec 1927Hailsham, Sussex, England F14985
39 Pelling / Turner  Jan 1920Hailsham, Sussex, England F14949
40 Pelling / Wenham  Oct 1858Hailsham, Sussex, England F2401
41 Pope / Axell  Sep 1931Hailsham, Sussex, England F20068
42 Putland / Richardson  Jun 1859Hailsham, Sussex, England F1405
43 Reed / Manser   F12754
44 Snashall / Lambert  Sep 1939Hailsham, Sussex, England F10030
45 Stock / Axell  Jun 1934Hailsham, Sussex, England F20069
46 Tedham /   Sep 1877Hailsham, Sussex, England F2872
47 Thomas / Milham  Dec 1921Hailsham, Sussex, England F3033
48 Verrall / Foster  25 Dec 1865Hailsham, Sussex, England F188
49 Walker / Funnell  Oct 1877Hailsham, Sussex, England F14421
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