Hellingly, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashdown, Mary Ann  1811Hellingly, Sussex, England I27378
2 Ballard, Amos  1827Hellingly, Sussex, England I27893
3 Bennett, Anne  1847Hellingly, Sussex, England I27389
4 Bennett, Eliza  1844Hellingly, Sussex, England I27388
5 Bennett, Elizabeth  1835Hellingly, Sussex, England I27391
6 Bennett, Ellen  1842Hellingly, Sussex, England I27387
7 Bennett, Frances  1836Hellingly, Sussex, England I27383
8 Bennett, Marianne  1834Hellingly, Sussex, England I27385
9 Bennett, Mary A  1839Hellingly, Sussex, England I27390
10 Bennett, Richard  1830Hellingly, Sussex, England I27384
11 Bennett, Sarah  1832Hellingly, Sussex, England I27386
12 Delves, Albert  1863Hellingly, Sussex, England I4361
13 Delves, Ebenezer  1869Hellingly, Sussex, England I4364
14 Delves, George  1875Hellingly, Sussex, England I4367
15 Delves, Mercy  Jun 1880Hellingly, Sussex, England I4368
16 Delves, Samuel  1865Hellingly, Sussex, England I4363
17 Delves, Thomas  16 Sep 1871Hellingly, Sussex, England I4366
18 Funnell, David  Apr 1863Hellingly, Sussex, England I16370
19 Funnell, Ebenezer  Jul 1861Hellingly, Sussex, England I15792
20 Funnell, Emily  Apr 1865Hellingly, Sussex, England I17807
21 Funnell, Thomas  Apr 1868Hellingly, Sussex, England I18111
22 Funnell, William M  Jul 1866Hellingly, Sussex, England I18109
23 Hickmer, Absalom  1822Hellingly, Sussex, England I27415
24 Lavender, Alfred  Jun 1847Hellingly, Sussex, England I393
25 Lavender, Alfred Henry  Jan 1900Hellingly, Sussex, England I976
26 Lavender, Charles  Jun 1860Hellingly, Sussex, England I402
27 Lavender, Charles William  2 Nov 1890Hellingly, Sussex, England I974
28 Lavender, Edwin  Apr 1850Hellingly, Sussex, England I390
29 Lavender, Ellen  Jan 1856Hellingly, Sussex, England I401
30 Lavender, Frederick Alvers  31 Jul 1840Hellingly, Sussex, England I391
31 Lavender, George  19 Nov 1844Hellingly, Sussex, England I34
32 Lavender, Henry  1814Hellingly, Sussex, England I27324
33 Lavender, Louisa  1818Hellingly, Sussex, England I3973
34 Lavender, Owen  1842Hellingly, Sussex, England I392
35 Lavender, Rosina Caroline  14 Mar 1894Hellingly, Sussex, England I975
36 Lavender, Sarah Ann  27 Sep 1852Hellingly, Sussex, England I399
37 Lavender, William  Apr 1854Hellingly, Sussex, England I400
38 Pelling, Aaron  Apr 1879Hellingly, Sussex, England I9462
39 Pelling, Aaron Stanley  Jan 1902Hellingly, Sussex, England I13728
40 Pelling, Boaz  Jan 1874Hellingly, Sussex, England I9459
41 Pelling, Charles  1865Hellingly, Sussex, England I9456
42 Pelling, Edith Rose  Jan 1901Hellingly, Sussex, England I13727
43 Pelling, Ethel Janette  25 Sep 1898Hellingly, Sussex, England I13726
44 Pelling, James  Oct 1859Hellingly, Sussex, England I3293
45 Pelling, Moses  Apr 1868Hellingly, Sussex, England I9457
46 Pelling, Ruth  Jul 1876Hellingly, Sussex, England I9460
47 Pelling, Thomas  18 Mar 1871Hellingly, Sussex, England I9458
48 Pelling, William  1832Hellingly, Sussex, England I3247
49 Pelling, William  1863Hellingly, Sussex, England I9455
50 Weller, Mary  Jan 1854Hellingly, Sussex, England I986

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Ashdown, Mary Ann  22 Dec 1811Hellingly, Sussex, England I27378
2 Bennett, Frances  6 Nov 1836Hellingly, Sussex, England I27383
3 Bennett, Marianne  14 Sep 1834Hellingly, Sussex, England I27385
4 Bennett, Mary A  7 Apr 1839Hellingly, Sussex, England I27390
5 Bennett, Richard  28 Mar 1830Hellingly, Sussex, England I27384
6 Bennett, Sarah  28 Oct 1832Hellingly, Sussex, England I27386
7 Hickmer, Absalom  14 Apr 1822Hellingly, Sussex, England I27415
8 Lavender, Henry  25 Dec 1814Hellingly, Sussex, England I27324
9 Lavender, Louisa  27 Dec 1818Hellingly, Sussex, England I3973


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Ballard, Amos  5 Aug 1827Hellingly, Sussex, England I27893


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennett / Lavender  22 Apr 1829Hellingly, Sussex, England F18253
2 Lavender / Pollard  31 Dec 1819Hellingly, Sussex, England F18252
3 Wenham / Lavender  Oct 1838Hellingly, Sussex, England F2908
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