West Ham, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Billyard, Frederick Sydney  9 Feb 1890West Ham, Essex, England I27230
2 Bishop, Dennis A   I31462
3 Bishop, Ronald I   I31461
4 Cressey, Emily Eliza  28 Mar 1886West Ham, Essex, England I1050
5 Height, Nina Beryl  15 Jul 1912West Ham, Essex, England I26015
6 Lavender, Barbara Ann   I1068
7 Martin, Elsie May   I28453
8 Musgrave, Cyril Frederick  26 Oct 1912West Ham, Essex, England I2333
9 Musgrave, Gladys Maud  Jul 1908West Ham, Essex, England I2335
10 Musgrave, Herbert M  Jul 1910West Ham, Essex, England I2337
11 Musgrave, Leslie Charles  12 Oct 1909West Ham, Essex, England I2336
12 Musgrave, Sydney Kenneth  18 Feb 1916West Ham, Essex, England I2334
13 Musgrave, William G   I2338
14 Price, Christine Sybil   I2099
15 Spicer, Audrey A   I1033
16 Spicer, Donald Ashby  1 Jan 1923West Ham, Essex, England I1019
17 Spicer, Grace Dykes  Dec 1885West Ham, Essex, England I3472
18 Spicer, William Charles  15 Dec 1907West Ham, Essex, England I28605
19 Trickey, Albert Edwin  Oct 1892West Ham, Essex, England I20770
20 Trickey, Arthur Tretrakiss  Jul 1897West Ham, Essex, England I20774
21 Trickey, Clara Ethel  Jul 1899West Ham, Essex, England I20929
22 Trickey, Derek F   I18755
23 Trickey, Frank Farmer  Jan 1902West Ham, Essex, England I18200
24 Trickey, Henry  Jan 1907West Ham, Essex, England I18750
25 Trickey, Maud Lydia  Apr 1904West Ham, Essex, England I18748
26 Trickey, Sheila M   I18756
27 Trickey, William George  Apr 1895West Ham, Essex, England I20771
28 Ward, Cyril Leonard Jasper  1 Apr 1907West Ham, Essex, England I30904
29 Ward, Lelsie Horace Jasper  5 Jan 1906West Ham, Essex, England I25389
30 Ward, Lilian Grace  29 Sep 1908West Ham, Essex, England I30906
31 Ward, Michael J C   I30902
32 Ward, Reginald Albert Jasper  11 Oct 1903West Ham, Essex, England I25388
33 Ward, Trevor L   I30903
34 Widdicombe, Frances  5 Nov 1913West Ham, Essex, England I1213


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bettinson, Phoebe  Jan 1908West Ham, Essex, England I1196
2 Drummond, Morton  23 Mar 1908West Ham, Essex, England I25077
3 Hickmer, Absalom  Mar 1892West Ham, Essex, England I27415
4 Homeyer, Henry Conrad C  Sep 1897West Ham, Essex, England I8677
5 Le Keux, Henry William  Oct 1896West Ham, Essex, England I2109
6 Le Keux, Louisa  Dec 1913West Ham, Essex, England I2111
7 Musgrave, Herbert M  Jul 1911West Ham, Essex, England I2337
8 Newton, Elizabeth Rebecca  Jan 1890West Ham, Essex, England I18186
9 Selby, John William  Sep 1928West Ham, Essex, England I1207
10 Trickey, Edward  Jul 1936West Ham, Essex, England I20662
11 Trickey, John  Oct 1895West Ham, Essex, England I18118
12 Trickey, John Farmer  1935West Ham, Essex, England I18187


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bishop / Kent  Sep 1923West Ham, Essex, England F626
2 Charlton / Knott  Sep 1900West Ham, Essex, England F1557
3 Hughes / Selby  Sep 1933West Ham, Essex, England F17464
4 Knott / Field  Apr 1907West Ham, Essex, England F1559
5 Musgrave / Beckingham  Jan 1907West Ham, Essex, England F326
6 Musgrave / Selby  Jul 1899West Ham, Essex, England F898
7 Noel / Crowley  Apr 1907West Ham, Essex, England F18456
8 Saunders / Ward  Jun 1933West Ham, Essex, England F20506
9 Spicer / Taylor  Sep 1934West Ham, Essex, England F18975
10 Trickey / Fisher  Oct 1928West Ham, Essex, England F12576
11 Ward / Beasley  Sep 1929West Ham, Essex, England F16946
12 Widdicombe / Selby  Oct 1912West Ham, Essex, England F893
13 Yeeles / Trickey  Jul 1913West Ham, Essex, England F18919
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