Battle, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blackman, Charles  Jun 1862Battle, Sussex, England I22358
2 Blackman, Charlotte Frances  Jun 1838Battle, Sussex, England I22327
3 Blackman, David  1795Battle, Sussex, England I3966
4 Blackman, David  1828Battle, Sussex, England I22291
5 Blackman, David  Oct 1858Battle, Sussex, England I22334
6 Blackman, Frederick  Apr 1879Battle, Sussex, England I22520
7 Blackman, James  1833Battle, Sussex, England I22297
8 Blackman, James  Jan 1860Battle, Sussex, England I22335
9 Blackman, Jane  1825Battle, Sussex, England I3967
10 Blackman, John  1827Battle, Sussex, England I22290
11 Blackman, Mary Ann  1835Battle, Sussex, England I22298
12 Blackman, Robert  Oct 1874Battle, Sussex, England I22519
13 Blackman, William  1829Battle, Sussex, England I22292
14 Cockett, Mabel Rose  8 Apr 1898Battle, Sussex, England I10489
15 Crossinggum, Ivy May  4 Oct 1908Battle, Sussex, England I23054
16 Fitsell, Benjamin Herbert  Jan 1878Battle, Sussex, England I20314
17 Huggett, Emily Jane  Sep 1847Battle, Sussex, England I21862
18 Jenner, Kate Amelia D  Apr 1906Battle, Sussex, England I4877
19 Lipscomb, Ethel Adelaide  2 Nov 1905Battle, Sussex, England I26653
20 Pelling, Sylvia   I21581
21 Plumb, Mary  1836Battle, Sussex, England I22328
22 Relph, Wiliam  Mar 1860Battle, Sussex, England I22931


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary Emma  Jun 1973Battle, Sussex, England I31459
2 Back, John Simmons  Jan 1898Battle, Sussex, England I12327
3 Balfour, Janet Christine Goschen  18 Mar 1970Battle, Sussex, England I30412
4 Bickersteth, John Joseph  Sep 1932Battle, Sussex, England I30118
5 Bird, Margaret Eliza  Dec 1942Battle, Sussex, England I2120
6 Blackman, Charles  Mar 1946Battle, Sussex, England I22358
7 Blackman, Charlotte Frances  Jul 1867Battle, Sussex, England I22327
8 Blackman, David  Jun 1871Battle, Sussex, England I3966
9 Campbell, Robert  16 Mar 1945Battle, Sussex, England I16528
10 Field, Mabel Diskey  Jan 1960Battle, Sussex, England I2186
11 Lavender, Mary  Apr 1882Battle, Sussex, England I3965
12 Nye, Fanny  Dec 1940Battle, Sussex, England I403
13 Pepys, Kenelm Charles Francis 5th Earl of Cottenham  29 Dec 1922Battle, Sussex, England I25256
14 Sebright, Guy Ivo  12 Jul 1912Battle, Sussex, England I3752


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baldwin / Blackman  Jun 1920Battle, Sussex, England F14356
2 Bickersteth / Kindlimann  Jun 1961Battle, Sussex, England F8745
3 Blackman / Ades  Apr 1885Battle, Sussex, England F14006
4 Blackman / Lavender  4 May 1823Battle, Sussex, England F2904
5 Blackman / Plumb  Jul 1857Battle, Sussex, England F13924
6 Huggett / Blackman  Jun 1847Battle, Sussex, England F2918
7 Keeley / Jenner  Oct 1922Battle, Sussex, England F3586
8 Lavender / Lipscomb  Jun 1929Battle, Sussex, England F3583
9 Matthews / Huggett  Mar 1869Battle, Sussex, England F13081
10 Relph / Blackman  Mar 1859Battle, Sussex, England F13956
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