Cuckfield, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eleanor  1528Cuckfield, Sussex, England I6352
2 Burchett, Audrey   I10785
3 Burchett, Phyllis   I10786
4 Burtenshaw, Anne  1633Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29910
5 Burtenshaw, Anne  1683Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29914
6 Burtenshaw, Jane  1679Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29915
7 Burtenshaw, John  1635Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29911
8 Burtenshaw, John  1676Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29917
9 Burtenshaw, John  1679Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29918
10 Burtenshaw, Sarah  1672Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29916
11 Burtenshaw, Susanna  1641Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29912
12 Burtenshaw, Thomas  1630Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29909
13 Colepeper, Edward  1560Cuckfield, Sussex, England I6353
14 Colepeper, John  1565Cuckfield, Sussex, England I6354
15 Glyde, Christopher D   I352
16 Goring, Sir Craven Charles 10th Bt.  24 Oct 1841Cuckfield, Sussex, England I21395
17 Lashford, James  1781Cuckfield, Sussex, England I24336
18 LoDer, Adela Maria  Dec 1859Cuckfield, Sussex, England I25010
19 Loder, Gerald Walter Erskine 1st Baron Wakehurst  25 Oct 1861Cuckfield, Sussex, England I21920
20 Rashbrook, Emma   I4747
21 Spicer, George Rusbridge  Jul 1867Cuckfield, Sussex, England I28582
22 Tulley, Emily Kate  11 Sep 1899Cuckfield, Sussex, England I10780


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Joane  1678Cuckfield, Sussex, England I5496
2 Burchett, Walter George  Dec 1975Cuckfield, Sussex, England I16490
3 Burtenshaw, Thomas  1680Cuckfield, Sussex, England I5495
4 Colepeper, Richard  1598Cuckfield, Sussex, England I6345
5 Faires, John  Jul 1872Cuckfield, Sussex, England I10864
6 Granger, George Thomas  Jul 1957Cuckfield, Sussex, England I49
7 Hockham, Joan D  Oct 1943Cuckfield, Sussex, England I26136
8 Julit, Mary  Abt 1887Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29206
9 Loder, Gerald Walter Erskine 1st Baron Wakehurst  30 Apr 1936Cuckfield, Sussex, England I21920
10 Peel, Sir Laurence Charles Lennox  19 Aug 1899Cuckfield, Sussex, England I24957
11 Ryder, Major Henry Dudley  19 Mar 1958Cuckfield, Sussex, England I13596
12 Steel, David  Jul 1887Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29205
13 Tulley, Emily Kate  Jan 1976Cuckfield, Sussex, England I10780


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Eleanor  12 Apr 1617Cuckfield, Sussex, England I6352
2 Colepeper, Richard  19 Nov 1598Cuckfield, Sussex, England I6345


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Burtenshaw, Anne  12 Jan 1683Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29914
2 Burtenshaw, Jane  20 Jul 1679Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29915
3 Burtenshaw, John  23 Mar 1635Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29911
4 Burtenshaw, John  27 Mar 1676Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29917
5 Burtenshaw, John  20 Jul 1679Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29918
6 Burtenshaw, Sarah  18 Aug 1672Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29916
7 Burtenshaw, Susanna  28 Nov 1641Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29912
8 Burtenshaw, Thomas  10 Oct 1630Cuckfield, Sussex, England I29909
9 Lashford, James  22 Jul 1781Cuckfield, Sussex, England I24336


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Unknown  Oct 1869Cuckfield, Sussex, England F19345
2 Burchett / Tulley  Jul 1922Cuckfield, Sussex, England F11138
3 Burtenshaw / Hambledon  6 Jul 1665Cuckfield, Sussex, England F19830
4 Colepeper /   1555Cuckfield, Sussex, England F4600
5 Collins / Burlong  Sep 1932Cuckfield, Sussex, England F20662
6 Pearce / Holmes  Jul 1908Cuckfield, Sussex, England F3744
7 Steel / Standing  Oct 1842Cuckfield, Sussex, England F19429
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